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From: Story Dude
Subject: A Geek Gets Head 1 This is my first erotic story, and my first submission to the
Archive. I hope all who come upon it find it as fun to read as I did to
write it. There are more chapters to child porn cp come. Comments are graciously
accepted, and will be replied to, at The following story is a work of fiction, although semi-based on
real events. The names of any real persons involved have been changed to
protect them. The story is written from my point of view at the time of
the events, which was a few years go.
A Geek Gets Head I first met Kyle at a job I was working at one summer. We were
doing lawn care-type work at one cp lover mpegs of those industrial parks in town. It was
standard yard work, mowing lawns, picking weeds, painting posts, etc. It
was just the Pm cp acquisition office two of us, and of course, to make time go faster, we started
talking as we worked. He did a lot of free cp pics xxx the talking early on, which gave me
time to check him out. He was the same age as me, 17. He was about an
inch taller, but just a bit thinner. He had blond hair, rather unkempt,
that came down to just above his shoulders. At the site, he was wearing a
baseball video cp porn
cap, to keep the sun out of his eyes. He wore glasses, which were
always crooked. To sum it up, he was a geek. But a cute geek, and nude cp photos we
became friends very ukrainian lo cp quickly. At this point, I should give you a bit of background history on
myself. I'm 17 and have been free cp gallery questioning my sexuality for years now. I'd
had a few girlfriends, but nothing ever happened there. When I was 12, I
discovered the wonders of masturbation. But when I was fantasizing about
sex, I found myself thinking more and more about other boys. Didn't take
me long to figure out that I cp 3d porn wanted to at least try sex with a guy, but
unfortunately it took years for a good situation to present itself. But
that was about to change. Back to the story, we talked a whole bunch that day, and we
eventually got onto the topic of computers. I mentioned I had an internet
account, which he found really cool. His family could never afford a
computer in the first place, so he'd never seen the internet."You've never been online?" I asked, stunned."Nope. We don't have a computer or anything, and none of my other friends
with computers have internet access.""Well listen, why don't you come over tonight, and I can show you cp pics movies what the
big deal's all about. Hell, since we don't have to underground mafia sex cp work tomorrow (it was
Friday), why don't we make a whole night out of it? We can rent some
movies, order pizza, and just hang out."My family and I had a house child porn cp not too far from Kyle's, only a few blocks,
which was really cool. But my folks were on vacation with some other
family members for a few weeks, so for the better part of a month, I had
the whole house to angels tgp cp myself. At the end of the day, we each went home, got
cleaned up, and met at my place before going downtown for movies. The
video store there had all your sex cp movies
normal sections, Action, Drama, Comedy, but
it also had one for "Adult Drama" which was all those almost-porn movies.
I wasn't yet old enough for true porn, but the video store had these gems
to tide me over. After choosing a few normal movies I stopped at this
section, and decided to get something. I picked some random title that was
sure to contain lots of nudity, and we checked out and left. Upon getting
back to my place, after a quick stop at 7-11, we ordered the pizza, and
were set for the night. We started on the internet right after eating, and
I had fun watching Kyle struggle with the new technology being presented to
him."So what can I do?" he wondered out loud."Pretty much whatever you want. Here, name a band you like.""Um, how about Megadeth?""Fair enough," I told him, "let's get some info on Megadeth."We goofed around and stuff for a while before things turned to sex. Kyle
went cp sex gallerie to a site that had a banner for a porn site. He became visibly
interested, but was way too shy to say anything. To relieve the tension, I
started talking about the pic."Aw, your first porn banner!!" I teased."They have this kind of stuff on the net?""Dude, it's all over the place! That banner's nothing. They've got
stories, pictures, movies, sound recordings, pretty much anything you can
think of. Wanna check some out?""Sure!" he answered, with just a bit too much enthusiasm.I showed him some web sites, some newsgroups, and some stuff I'd collected
myself. He started shifting around a whole lot in his chair, which told me
he was starting cp porno boys to find his pants a bit tight. While browsing through the
pics on my hard drive, which were 99% regular straight-guy type pics, we
came across a few of solo guys. I very carefully watched his reaction, and
was very pleased when the guy pics didn't bother him at all. In fact,
unless I was imagining things, he seemed to really enjoy them. So we quit
with the still photos and headed for the TV. We watched a couple of the
movies we got, and then I put in the almost-porn flick. I made sure the
lights child tgp cp were off, and hit play on the VCR. Almost immediately the movie
started with a couple having sex. The movie used some cheap attempt at a
plot as an excuse to show people having sex in all sorts of combinations,
including a gay scene. But before we had even gotten to that, it had a
scene with a girl giving her boyfriend a blowjob."Ever sex cp movies
had one of those?" I asked him."No" he answered, sounding disappointed. "I fooled around a chick once,
but she chickened out pretty quick.""Shitty deal, man. You're really missing out. They're the best.""I know, my brother's always talking about it. He keeps bragging about his
girlfriend giving him head. The best I can do is imagine what it feels
like when I'm jerking off."The conversation paused again as our attention turned to the action on the
screen. The gay scene then came on, with two gorgeous guys rubbing cp pics porn their
crotches together. I was waiting for the usual "aw jesus, fast forward!!"
that always comes from guys at any kind of male contact, but he didn't say
a thing. He was too busy taking in all the action on the TV. He was
sitting very slouched on the sofa, with his legs stretched out, feet
touching the floor. His knees were spread illegal cp pics
rather far apart. He had his
left hand, which was closest to me, resting on his leg. But his right hand
was resting on his waist, just above his crotch, right at the top of his
jeans."This stuff doesn't offend you?" I asked, amazed he was so into it."No, I'm still here aren't I?" He was still acting very shy, but it was
becoming clearer that we were on the same track."You like this kind of stuff?""I'd probably go for it if I ever got the chance." He was very obviously
being honest, but he was still very shy about it. We were quiet for a bit
longer, at which point his right hand made it's way into the front of his
pants. It looked like he was adjusting himself, and then just left his
hand there. I don't know if he realized what he was underground mafia sex cp doing, but I wasn't
about to let this opportunity pass me by."Here, let me help" I said quietly. I walked over to where he was and got
on my knees. Starting at his knees, my hands slowly made there way up to
his crotch. He pulled his hand out, and I started rubbing his dick through
his jeans. His eyes glazed over and his head fell back, and he started
breathing heavy. His dick felt amazing, even through the denim. It felt
like it was on fire. I leaned forward and planted a kiss on his shaft, and
opened the button on his jeans. I took down his zipper agonizingly slow; I
wanted to tease him just a bit. With his jeans open, I gave them a tug,
and he lifted his butt so I could take them off. He took it upon himself
to remove cp free illegal pics
his shirt. He was now sitting in nothing but his boxers. His
hard on was tenting them, but I didn't want to relieve him just yet. I
blew lightly on his dick, and give it a lick through his boxers. I wanted
to tease him more, but I was getting impatient. I took hold of the elastic
and slid them down his waist.It was amazing. There he was, a shy, scrawny, geeky blond sitting naked on
my couch. His cock was sticking straight up, about six inches long, and a
tiny bit if precum leaking out the top. I took his dick in my hand, and it
jumped slightly. I closed my hand around his shaft, and started gently
stroking. His breathing got a bit heavier, and he would moan every now and
then. I was playing with his dick, stroking it slowly, then quickly, then
even slower than before. He was really enjoying the attention, but he
hadn't seen anything yet.I leaned forward, and licked the sensitive underside from his balls all the
way to extreme cp boys pictures
his tip. My mouth closed over his cock, and he let out a loud moan.
His hands rested on the back of my head as I began making love to his dick
with my mouth. I started moving cp pics movies my mouth up and down, being sure never let
more than half of him in. incest cp free
I was massaging his balls with my free hand,
which he seemed to love. His hands were on the back of my neck, gently
urging for more. I gave in. In one slow motion, I took his entire dick
into my mouth. He let out another loud moan, and started to thrust his
hips. At this point, I just let him fuck my face. His hands on my neck
were more assertive now. His head was back, eyes closed. He was
completely lost in the act. He just sat there bucking away, while I sucked
and swallowed at his cock. He was still moaning, and now talking in
fragments."Unh....oh god....feels so good....unh, suck me...oooohhhhhhhhh.....
unh.....getting close....please don't stop......"I kept going, not stopping my motion for a second. Kyle's thrusting became
more urgent as his animal instincts took over."Oh god....gonna cum.......unh, gonna cum......aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!"His cock erupted in my mouth with the force of a shotgun. I kept sucking,
sending all underground mafia sex cp
his cum down my throat. He didn't cum a lot, but what did come
out felt like bullets. He kept thrusting for a few more seconds, and then
started to relax. After I made sure he bbc cp kds fucking was done, I slowly released his
cock. To my astonishment, it didn't move. He was still rock hard, which
was fine by me, because now I could play more. Without saying a word, Kyle leaned forward and untucked my shirt.
He was obviously ready to try something himself, and I wasn't about to stop
him. The night was sure to bring many pleasures.To Be Continued...
There's a whole lot more to this story free cp pics xxx for anyone who'd like to hear it.
Please send comments to All serious correspondence
will be replied to. topkds real cp thumbs
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